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Royal families of India

India is an incredible land of an amazingly rich cultural heritage. Our country has witnessed the rise and fall of great kingdoms and empires. We’ve been ruled by Maharajas and Monarchs for centuries until our independence in 1947. We’ve had histories written and re-written. And, it is this historical richness of our country that draws the interest of people all over the world towards wanting to learn more about what we have.

With this idea of bringing to fore a deeper, explicit side of some of the Royal Families of India that have endured the test of times, we’re currently working on one of our most outstanding work revolving around the Royals of India. 

Royal Family of Alsisar, Jaipur
Royal Family of Jodhpur
Royal Family of Rajkot
Royal Family of Mysore
Royal Family of Baroda
Royal Family of Mewar
Royal Family of Bikaner


  • Series of 7 Episodes (duration of 22 minutes each) featuring the 7 existing Families of old Aristocracy in modern democracy, India.

  • The episodic feature would be a mix of the current lives of the royal families and their historical past through an impactful poetic narration supported with plush imageries of the kingdom that once existed.

  • Who are these families? What is it about them that makes them Royal? And how have they adjusted to the modern times? Focusing on royalty in collation to the country’s modernity speaks of how different they are. While we sway through other factors of a booming country which would become the basis of these episodes. The essence of each episode would revolve around their lifestyle. 


  • Our first preference will be Epic TV for broadcasting our series. Since, it airs programs with a focus on Indian history and epic genre, we find it a suitable platform to showcase our final product.


  • Other channels with similar kind of interest we might go for will be Discovery India, History TV18, National Geographic, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to take our work.


We need love, support, and participation in making our project more viable and successful. 


We would love to have sponsors from the Indian business circle so that the benefits, brand visibility and promotion comes back to our peers.

We’ll be reaching out to: 

Automobile partners – Mahindra, Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes

Telecom partners – Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance

Travel and Tourism partners –, MakeMyTrip, Oyo Rooms

Cultural partners – Manyavar, Fabindia

Food & Delivery partners – Chayos, Zomato, Swiggy

Online Video partners – Voot, Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix

Style & Fitness partners – John Jacobs eyewear, GoNoise smartwatch

Events & Concerts partners – Local AR

We really look forward to your patronage and support in making this initiative a masterpiece. We greatly appreciate any feedback that you can deliver. 

Hoping to hear from you soon to take this effort ahead.

Adnan Safee, Executive Producer
Rohan Mukerjee,Creative Producer
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