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India is on the move. And that is not mere empty slogan. On any day of the week go to the domestic airport in Delhi and you will feel as if you are at the New Delhi railway station. The same rush, the same surging crowds. Remember, it was a quite different story as recently as 2001. Airlines have mushroomed. Every few minutes an aircraft is landing and another taking off. Passenger traffic has grown exponentially. Is not then India on the move? Look around you, new malls coming up everyday. multilane  highways being built.Massive infrastructure coming up.Airports being expanded and modernised. Housing, Office and market complexes coming up. New hotels, swank condimoniums, resorts, multiplexes, super speciality hospitals being completed at regular pace. The hectic almost frenetic building activity is driven by a fast expanding economy that in the size of its over all growth is next only to China.   That naturally means a greater public appetite for good things in life better food, better class, better housing, better health care, more hospitals, clinics, gyms, insurance and a for more high business turnover for all those sectors. All that means  decidedly a better quality of life for a substantially largest section of the people. Before making it full impact on entire India it has to make its impact on urban India. At least 250 million people are going to be directly touched by the new boom. its only natural for most Indians to expect a better quality of life in the days ahead. It is also equally natural for domestic and foreign investors to pour financial and technical resources into a rising India. India is going to take off. Better be on board in time. More boom is to be witnessed in the health sector in the near future.  And here is an opportunity to talk enough about medical future of India and that is what we are doing by organising this Award event on Doctors Day.


Nine Angle Foundation (NGO) has been formed as Trust under act 1860 and  registered in the office of Sub Registrar V(1), New Delhi Vide Document No-816 Book No lV, Volume No. 188 on pages 78 to 92 dated 03/07/2019.

Nine Angle Foundation is a registered non-government organization having its base in Delhi. NAF is working socially at a very subtle level with its organizational structures in far-flung poverty ridden rural areas of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tamil Naidu, and parts of Uttar Pradesh. Adnan Safee, the founder of Nine Angle Foundation wish to spread the culture of healthy food, quality education, better medical facilities. Volunteers across India are dedicated to serve the society and help the poor and downtrodden so that they can contribute towards the development of society. It’s a known fact that the poor economic condition of the society is the main barrier for seeking healthy food, quality education and medical services.


The Makers Of India Leadership Award

The Makers Of India Leadership Award has been constituted to recognize and honor those who have achieved success against all odds and challenges. They represent various professions and diverse fields.


TMOILA underlines those men and women of rich caliber, great human values, professional ethics and torchbearer quality in an appropriate manner. In short, according to Jagmohan Balodi, the secretary of Nine Angle Foundation, the Award is conferred on the role models-the real heroes of our society as they have thrived themselves in making India a developed and vibrant nation and thus they deserve the Award.

Dr N Subramanian.jpeg

Dr N Subramanian

Senior Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi


Dr. Vinay Aggarwal.jpg

Dr Vinay Agrawal

Ex President, IMA

Dr VP Singh.jpeg

Dr VP Singh

Senior Surgeon, Noida

Dr DK Gupta.jpeg

Dr DK Gupta

CMD, Felix Hospital, Noida


Dr Harishchandra Singh.jpeg

Dr Harishchandra Singh

Former IPS & Director, SBI, New Delhi

Golla Ravi Kumar Yadav.jpeg

Sh. Golla Ravi Kumar Yadav


​​Sh. D K Gupta.jpg

Sh. Deepak Kumar Gupta

International Judo Referee, Saharanpur, UP

Dr Nishant Chhajar.jpeg

Dr Nishant Chhajar

Senior Surgeon, Noida

RJ Naved.jpg

RJ Naved

Radio Jockey, Delhi

Raju Srivastava.jpg

Raju Srivastava

Indian Comedian

Nikhat Zareen.jpg

Nikhat Zareen

Indian Boxer

Devendra Jhajharia.png

Devendra Jhajharia

Indian Paralympic Javelin Thrower


Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President of India




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