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Dhiraj Banerjee comes from a town called 'Darjeeling" which usually doesn’t provide a big sky of opportunities for one’s dreams. He went to Hindu college in Delhi and then joined the National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad. Having specialized in communication design and films from the National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, he has been working as a film make for the last 13 years. With keen interest in Public Service Films he has done campaigns for BBC, UNICEF, Child Labour, Adult Education etc. 

Dhruv Grover is a Film Director with over decade of experience in this ever evolving ad film industry of ours. He believe that every film has a soul and a director is the keeper of this soul. Hence, he believe every film he have ever directed, be it commercial or otherwise, it has beautiful message and a silver lining of hope. 


Dhruv is a nomad with a flair of promoting the art of storytelling. While mixing with a bunch of other storytellers & artists; setting frames into motion. He believes in Action, Precision & Drama. Well he is the most dramatic of us all and totally gets why each of his peers is so selectively chosen to create an ethos of what Nine Angle Production is, as a brand. His keen sense of breathing life into pictures that move made him the independent filmmaker he is today. But in his heart like he says; Advertising is what drives him.